Dive FAQ

What is Dive?

Dive is a delivery platform for Kubernetes platform teams. It’s designed to turn your Linkerd-enabled Kubernetes clusters into a comprehensive platform complete with rich service catalog, change management, SLOs, team dashboards, and more.

Dive can map all the services running across your clusters, including how they’re related, where they’re deployed, what version of code is running, and so on. Dive can automatically track deploys, monitor SLOs and other metadata, and much, much more.

Who made Dive?

Dive is made by Buoyant, the creators of Linkerd. Linkerd makes services on Kubernetes safe, reliable, and observable, and Dive extends those powers to the people and process side of the equation.

Is Dive free?

Dive is currently free while in private beta. In the future, we’ll introduce paid plans.

Does Dive require Linkerd?

Yes. Dive uses Linkerd 2.x to access service-level information not provided by Kubernetes, including traffic metrics, dependencies, TLS, and canary deploys. Luckily, Linkerd is easy to install and consumes minimal resources on your cluster.

How do I get access to Dive?

Fill out the waitlist form. We’ll contact you when you’re ready to use Dive!

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